“Gyre: The Plastic Ocean”, riciclo creativo a difesa dei mari

"Gyre: The Plastic Ocean", the art exhibition which defends the seas

Organised by the Anchorage Museum in Alaska, it aims to raise public awareness of the pollution of the oceans

MILAN – Works produced from recycled material to give new life to refuse; creativity as a testimony to the negative impact which waste materials have on our planet. In recent years, companies have provided incentives for the use of recycled material in their production, giving a strong signal to consumers, who are sometimes unable to look after the environment. But what the good will of companies has not been able to achieve, has been for recycling in art to help accomplish. ‘Gyre: The Plastic Ocean’ is the latest exhibition organised by Anchorage Museum; a travelling exhibition arriving just a few days ago at the USC Fisher Museum of Art  in Los Angeles, where artists have presented works made from recycled material to raise public awareness of the subject of recycling.

The aim of the exhibition

"These works are a testimony to the negative impact our lifestyle can have on the planet”, said Ariadni Liokatis, curator of the USC Fisher Museum, “like a museum university, we bring the arts, sciences and other disciplines together. The power of art serves to raise awareness of a very important and increasingly critical question: the pollution of our oceans. The visually pleasing aspect of these works of art effectively and creatively captures the attention of the public and hopes to inspire their involvement”. From plastic bottles to all types of objects and smaller items; every type of refuse ends up being useful to the theme of the exhibition: making people more aware of the topic of pollution.

Art for the environment

These works have been created with a great deal of enthusiasm by the artists; conscious of the fact that apart from composing works which are aesthetically captivating, they are helping to combat the pollution of the environment. The organisation of this exhibition follows many initiatives concerned with the art of recycling, which have garnered major successes, thanks to the flair of these talented people who can create works of the highest standard with materials destined for the rubbish dump. Works with a pleasing effect on the public, who are encouraged to participate by this particular art form, also have the potential to inspire the most sceptical through the ease with which bottle tops, objects and plastic bottles are integrated into an artistic context. 

by editorial staff