Hydration School, la campagna educativa sull’idratazione per bambini

Hydration@School, the educational campaign for kids about hydration

Food Education Italy and Sanpellegrino join forces to train youth about the topic of hydration

MILAN – There is a no educational program for kids about the importance of water. This is the objective of Hydration@school project, the educational campaign carried out by Food Education Italy (Italian Foundation for Nutrition Education in schools) and promoted by the Sanpellegrino Group to teach children the importance of water for their lives. Dehydration can have negative effects on children's health: it has an initial impact on the ability to concentrate and at higher levels it can also affect physical performance. This is why the campaign was created: to serve as an educational journey towards mental and physical well-being while explaining to kids the importance of water in the body.

A school project about hydration

The educational project is aimed at children in primary schools across Italy to raise awareness among young students, teachers, and families on the importance of proper hydration for one's physical and mental well-being. Dehydration of just 2% can have negative effects on one's level of concentration and thus on academic performance, while a decrease of 5% can adversely affect one's physical performance. The educational program includes brochures, video tutorials, and many small games sorted by age, designed to be appealing and to encourage children to learn. Now in its second edition, the initiative "Hydration@School" can be implemented throughout the school year. This entails an important set of valuable teaching materials capable of educating the children on the subject of hydration and getting them to fully understand the importance of water for their future life.

Useful information from the Hydration@School Website

The website contains all of the tools useful for its implementation in schools and it is possible to request a free teaching kit which includes a Mini-Guide for teachers, 22 Hydro-exercise books with information and games for students and their families, as well as an educational infographic poster to hang in the classroom. This initiative has been designed specifically for the well-being of children, but could also attract the attention of adults regarding this key issue of their children's well-being, and for all people in general. This is advantageous for young people in particular who can take advantage of the suggestions and information presented in the materials provided by the educational campaign.

by editorial staff