Everydayclimbers Photo Contest di Levissima: al via le iscrizioni

Levissima Everydayclimbers Photo Contest: registration now open

The second edition of the Levissima #Everydayclimbers Photo Contest has begun: for mountain sports and photography enthusiasts, register by 5 June.

MILAN – Sports and photography enthusiasts, perk up your ears: the second edition of the #Everydayclimbers Photo Contest has begun, in other words, the way to combine your passion for nature with that of well-being and also a way to become the next Levissima photographer.

After having celebrated the mountain and having created the first photographic exhibit above 3,000 metres, this year the theme of the contest will be Active Life, the lifestyle of those who always have a summit to conquer.

The photo contest

Determination and shooting technique are the keywords to win the contest, the protagonist of which will be Active Life.

A moment in time from a constantly active day, sport as a social time or as a time to dedicate to yourself, immersion in nature: everything that tells the story of an active and outdoor lifestyle can stimulate every aspiring winner, who will have a chance to win an Amazon.it Gift Certificate for a value of €5,000 and an unforgettable weekend in a high altitude refuge in Northern Italy to create a photographic report, thereby putting your passion into practice once again at high altitude.

How to participate

Participating is simple: just register on the official website at www.levissima.it by 5 June at 6:00 PM and upload up to three photos that best convey the Active Life theme, accompanied by a brief biography that tells something about yourself and your passion.

And to make the challenge of the #everydayclimbers even more stimulating to reach the peak, this year the photographs themselves will be “aiming high”: in fact, only vertical shots will be allowed in the contest, the most difficult format according to experts.

The ten best shots will then be selected by a special panel of judges including three masters in the field: Alessandro Trovati, Giuseppe Mastromatteo and Fabrice Gallina.

To discover how to participate in the #Everydayclimbers Photo Contest, go to http://www.levissima.it/ or the official Instagram page www.instagram.com/levissimaofficial.

by Alessandro Conte

March 21, 2018

credits: fotolia