Acqua Perrier accompagna la mostra “Goût de/Good France”

Perrier gets alongside the exhibition “Goût de/Good France” being held in Bologna

The photographic exhibition will run until 30 September

MILAN – Until 30 September, 2015 you can visit the exhibition “Goût de/Good France” in Bologna, a photographic exhibition which has come to the Emilian capital after touring cities such as Rome, Naples, Milan and Turin. The legendary Perrier water is bringing its sparkle to the initiative. The name “Perrier” has always been linked with the most glamourous and exclusive venues: a major player in a chic, unconventional lifestyle, it is well-known and enjoyed all over the world.

The exhibition

Hosting the works will be the Tramvia restaurant rooms (Casalecchio di Reno, BO) which have already hosted themed photographic events in the past. The exhibition is aimed at celebrating transalpine wine and food through photographs depicting unbeatable cultural and scenic destinations, together with local specialities. Promoted by Atout France Italia, from the French Tourist Board and curated by Donatella Luccarini, the exhibition presents a photographic itinerary to discover the flavours of popular tradition and sophisticated “nouvelle cuisine” ideas: a glimpse of colour, seasonal products and delightful traditional cuisine.

The history of Perrier

Perrier, a Nestlé Waters brand, which has recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, is the world leader in the market for sparkling mineral water. Distributed via networks across all continents, it sells a billion bottles every year in over 140 countries. Its elegant and original green bottle is now an international icon, recognised by all at a glance. Perrier is a natural mineral water: Very pure, containing only mineral salts (460 mg/L) and gas from the natural source (7 gr/L). Low in sodium, very refreshing and recommended for the digestion, it is the premium naturally sparkling drink for anyone looking for ultimate freshness.

by editorial staff