Una scultura in plastica, la Florida sposa l’iniziativa a favore degli oceani

A plastic sculpture, Florida embraces an initiative to promote the oceans

A non-profit organization has put together a work commissioned by Volusia Country as a symbol of eco-sustainability

MILAN – A sculpture has been created out of plastic to raise public awareness concerning pollution. This has taken place in Volusia Country, Florida, where a group of people from the non-profit organization, ‘Washed Ashore’ have created a work of art using only waste materials which have ended up in the sea: a sculpture and a symbol for ocean lovers. Costa, a company dedicated to sustainable sports fishing activities and the preservation of the ocean, launched their Kick Plastic campaign at the beginning of this year, in order to educate their clients about the key issues of the pollution of the ocean and to encourage them to take better care of the environment.

The sculpture

The work has brought together bits of waste material dumped into the waters of our oceans. Plastic bottles, children’s toys of all shapes and sizes and general paraphernalia were considered for a work with one precise aim: changing people’s outlook. Every day, the waters of our seas dump far too much rubbish on the shores of coastal areas; materials which threaten the whole ecosystem, from fish to marine birds. A team of volunteers has scrupulously gathered together thousands of plastic objects, collected along the East Coast of the United States. For example, a tire from a toy truck forms the outer ring of Marlin’s eye, the subject of the work. But this is not all; other materials have been used, such as a plastic ball, a bottle of engine oil, bottle and can tops, plastic water bottles... basically, a wide variety of recycled materials to create this magnificent piece.

The aim of the work

The sculpture intends to get us to consider how each one of us can be involved in confronting the problem of pollution. ‘International Coastal Clean-up Day’ celebrated its 30th anniversary on September 19, 2015 along coastlines all over the world. Costa, a supporter of this global effort, plans to hold a clean-up day with its employees on a beach near the Atlantic Coast in Florida in future.

by editorial staff