La street art celebra la mitica Perrier

Street art celebrates the legendary Perrier

The new limited edition packaging is inspired by the abstract art of the artist L’Atlas

MILAN – He’s one of the most intense and talented stars on the European street art scene, and is famous for his rigorous research in the field of abstraction. His works in public spaces, including within monumental walls and entire squares, or within the walls of museums and galleries, come alive with pure colours, as well as the geometric power and incisiveness of simple ancestral shapes. A candid composition made out of labyrinths, smooth lines and rhythmic scans, it looks back on the sign systems of ancient oriental calligraphy, implanted on a 90s background linked to writing and the underground metro.

The uniqueness of Perrier water

Today the French artist L’Atlas is signing the labels of the Limited Edition Perrier 2015. A leading global brand within the sparkling mineral water market, Perrier is distributed across all continents with around one billion bottles produced every year. The iconic Perrier brand is part of the Nestlé Waters group, and is continuing its journey through street art, entrusting the label design for its special line to another high-calibre international artist. For those who ask why he chose Perrier, L’Atlas responds, “There are four reasons: Perrier’s now strong link with contemporary art; the fact that Perrier makes an everyday activity like drinking extraordinary; the uniqueness of the Perrier brand; and its genuine magic, both in and out of the bottle.”

Perrier and art

There is, therefore, a special new cameo on the famous simple green glass bottle. Before Atlas, Sasu, JonOne, and Kobra each had their turn. A series of stunning labels for properly executed branding. Exclusive gear for a cultured and discerning target market. Not to mention its popular appeal. After all, it is still street art.

by editorial staff