Quando rovesciare un bicchiere d’acqua diventa arte

When knocking over a glass of water becomes art

How many times with a clumsy gesture we spilled on the table or, worse still, at us a glass of water? Here it is, who made of this act a living and turned it into art

MILAN - An old proverb recited that not always all evil comes to harm. And in fact also from a fact more or less negative can always come out something good. There are those who, for example, from knocking over a glass of water drew even a photographic production that has made the rounds of important contemporary galleries from around the world. And in this case there was no mother who scolded her child for the clumsy gesture at the table or on school notebooks. He is Jean Bérard, French-born artist who with his "Liquid Glass" portrayed the poetry of moving water making it almost a sculptural beauty.

Sculptural water

What shape has water? All and nothing. Ductile element par excellence the water takes the shape of its container, perfectly adapted to the limits that are imposed. Bérard free water from these limits, as an accomplice of the escape from the necessary shape constraint. In doing so the water escapes from the pre-established shape, assuming a non-chaotic form and difficult to control. Water comes to life through poetic explosions, spills, unusual oscillations. Not only the water overflows from its container (reversing the sense between container and content) but is thrown against the walls. The photographer chooses fact to throw water on different transparent containers such as bottles and glasses. The water covers the walls, however, reserving an unexpected and always different aesthetic effect. Water, the formless element, becomes the sculptural subject to which Bérnard, with his lightning-fast shooting, is interested in the series "Liquid Glass".

The author

He lived and worked in Lyon, Paris, Montreal and Mexico City, where he currently resides. Since the end of the last decade Berard's work has gone from advertising and fashion to a more personal reflection related to the search for meaning. And his photographic production was oriented in the representation of the primordial elements such as water and the representation of the states of the human soul. Winner of numerous International Photo Awards, prestigious awards in the field of photography, he is represented by the Gallery Stock of New York and his water works have been published in numerous multimedia art galleries dedicated to contemporary photography such as Empty Kingdom.

by Salvatore Galeone

19 August 2016