When plastic makes our city beautiful

An art exhibition in Genoa at the end of June

GENOA – From 10 April to 14 June, at the Palazzo Verde in the capital of Liguria, the first round of the results of REUSE [re-use] will be exhibited. This is a national competition  for young artists aged between 18 and 35, forming part of the major European project, MED-3D. The key theme, which runs throughout the invitation for entries and can be seen in each concept, project and activity, is the creative reuse of plastic. Art from rubbish: bottles, packaging and discarded waste become works of art and provide food for thought. Based on the criteria set out in the announcement, the committee selected: From Energy to Energy by Tvrtko Buric, The Spring Storm by Leonard Sherifi, and Recycle Ready Made presented by Ordinariamministrazione.

Art for rubbish

The competition, Reuse [re-use], included in the major MED-3R project (the Strategic Euro-Mediterranean platform for the proper management of waste), which brings together 15 partners from 5 different nations, as well as 7 associated partners, is one of the pilot schemes which directly involve the city of Genoa. The idea is to develop an innovative strategy for the recovery of plastic waste through art, by staging exhibitions, installations and urban projects between April and October 2015.

The aim

The promoters – The Municipality of Genoa, the University of Genoa, AMIU [municipal urban hygiene body] and Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura [Palazzo Ducale foundation for culture in Genoa], with the collaboration and patronage of GAI - Associazione Circuito Giovani Artisti Italiani [networked association of young Italian artists] – plan to run an awareness-raising and prevention incentive on the problems linked with plastic waste; recognising in the act of creation a powerful ally for demonstrating how the recovery and re-use of plastic waste and its transformation into art objects and products can become a tool and resource for leveraging exhibition and urban spaces, as well as for a powerful environmental impact and the development, support and affirmation of culture and creativity