Agostini presenta la nuova factory S.Pellegrino

Agostini presents the new S. Pellegrino factory

The CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group, Stefano Agostini, explains the significance of the project for the restyling of the plant in Ruspino.

MILANO – The new design project was officially revealed and it will revolutionise the look of the  Acqua S.Pellegrino factory in Val Brembana. The winner of the international challenge between Archistars was Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who presented the Factory of the future at an event in Milan. Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of Sanpellegrino Group, explained the significance of this important project.

Among the objectives that we set out are the improvement of production and logistics activities but also the creation of a factory that mirrors the values of the brand, whose success at international level is determined by its origins and therefore by the territory.

To do this, we involved four architecture studios and we did so because we believe that design is part of the true Italian essence. A brand like S. Pellegrino, ambassador of the Italian style in the world, brings with it, along with the values of quality gastronomy, also those of beauty, design and fashion. For this reason, we believe that to best enhance our brand, design must be a fundamental element also in our factory.

The winner was Bjarke Ingels who, as well as being a successful architect, was able to best interpret the values of the brand. His project not only best expressed what S.Pellegrino is, but was also able to project it into the future. Our hope, in fact, is to create a truly appealing context that adds to the other initiatives present in San Pellegrino Terme, such as spas and tourist activities. Tourists coming to the city will be able to have a complete experience that blends relaxation and culture.

Finally, in the new factory we will also be talking about the history of mineral water, a unique product characterised by the territory. It takes S.Pellegrino mineral water 30 years to return to the source, from the time the drop falls on the ground. During this time, it is enriched with Salts, as it meets different rocks. We will also show this unique journey at the Experience Center, that will welcome all those who wish to live an experience that we believe to be extraordinary.

February 23, 2017