Judy Llodra, l’idratazione dovrebbe sempre stare al primo posto

Judy Llodra, hydration should always come first

People do not drink enough water, especially in South Florida

MILAN – To perform all of its functions, our body needs the right amount of water each day. Yet hydrating oneself, especially in South Florida, does not seem to be the first thought on many people's minds. According to data collected by Stuartmagazine most residents of this State do not drink enough water. The body's needs vary from person to person, but it would be advisable for women to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, in general, and for men to drink 2 litres. These numbers can vary, especially if one's diet contains many foods rich in water. Judy Llodra, an American nutritionist, has provided some advice on how to best handle certain situations.

Hydration: Advice for athletes

There is a method to determine the right amount of water you should drink after a workout: weigh yourself before and after exercising, without clothes. This is a simple thing you can do to determine the amount of water to consume in order to compensate for fluids lost during exercise. For every kilo lost you should drink 13 ounces of water (equivalent to about 1 bottle). When exercising in a closed environment like a gym or during the winter when the temperatures are lower, the effects of hydration may be less obvious, but are no less important. If one's body loses 2% of its water the first signs of dehydration could appear, though in cooler climates the effects might not be noticed until a loss of 3-4%.

Hydration through water and food

Fruits, vegetables, soups, and many other kinds of foods help our bodies to stay hydrated, providing a small but essential percentage of fluids. Always having a bottle of water on hand is essential to staying healthy. Even salty foods can be good for our well-being, as they make us feel thirsty. Alcohol, however, represents a range of products that should be avoided due to the effects in terms of hydration. Water is the most essential part of a healthy and balanced diet, capable of contributing to our general well-being.

by editorial staff