Massimo Bottura, l’Italia deve vivere un nuovo Rinascimento

Massimo Bottura, Italy must experience a new Renaissance

The renowned chef speaks of how Italy’s real problem is its difficulty to communicate its greatness

MILAN – Massimo Bottura is one of the Ambassador Chefs of Expo 2015, an innovator of Italian cuisine of new generation. Invited to the conference organized by Gruppo Sanpellegrino on October 6, the five-star chef from Modena, owner of the famous Osteria Francescana di Modena, he spoke of the Made in Italy brand. A speech on the communication of the great values of our country, to export along with the sentiment of Italian entrepreneurs, especially those of the micro excellence sector.

In order to promote the Made in Italy brand and disseminate it even more effectively, we must look at ourselves in the mirror and not lose ourselves in routine, in everyday problems, but look at it from a distance. At that point you get a defined and clear image of what Italy is and you can become an ambassador yourself of what represents the greatness of our country.

Starting from this assumption, what is Italy’s true problem? It is to be able to communicate in a truthful manner what exactly is its greatness, biodiversity, microclimate, and the strength of its diverse locations. For me Italy is all this, an incredible agriculture and food producer, ample coasts in the middle of the Mediterranean, mountains of the north rising above all the other European countries. Italy is the mist in the Padania plains which allows us, with a little poetry in our hearts, to see it as something essential for producing balsamic vinegar, for curing the culatello or seasoning Parmigiano Reggiano.

Italians must rediscover within themselves that sense of poetry that has always been in their DNA. Our entrepreneurs have always been great dreamers. Their enterprises, which, compared to French, American, Chinese or Japanese ones are “micro” enterprises, however, still express emotions. We have always been on the forefront of micro enterprises of excellence that have represented our strength and I believe this has been our strength and backbone: we have to start again from there. The secret that allows us to rebuild a great Italy is found in the Renaissance store.

by editorial staff