Stefano Agostini, in Expo Milano 2015 parliamo di idratazione

Stefano Agostini, we are discussing hydration at the Expo Milano 2015

The President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group outlines the Group’s support for the initiative that aims to establish a National Day of Hydration

MILAN - On 11 June Italian and international experts gathered inside Expo Milano 2015 to present two scientific papers regarding the benefits of good hydration and to highlight the need to establish, first in Italy and then across the world, a day devoted to this very issue. The meeting was supported by Sanpellegrino and Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Group, who during the convention explained the company’s support for the campaign.

Why has the Sanpellegrino Group decided to support the project?

A few years ago the Sanpellegrino Group established a watchdog in partnership with experts from the sector. We run various programmes and the main project focuses on promoting just how good proper hydration is for the body and for people in general. This day is the climax of this journey, and given that we are discussing nutrition at the Expo we decided it was both appropriate and necessary to talk about hydration, which is an important part of lifestyle and wellbeing. Today we have brought with us a more objective paper in order to promote proper hydration.

How can companies promote a healthy lifestyle to the population?

As a branded company, we try to inform customers of the features of our products through marketing. From the source and the purity of the land that produces our mineral water, to the benefits that drinking water provides at all times. This, however, is not enough. You need to present different scientific opinions that demonstrate the features of the product and the benefits provided by consuming it.