La scalata Levissima

Levissima's climbing docu-game "La Scalata" is back

A digital experience that combines the interactivity of a video game with the realism of a documentary from the National Geographic Channel

MILAN - Levissima has released the second edition of "La Scalata" ("Climbing"), a powerful interactive experience where players can immerse themselves in the pristine, unspoilt world where Alta Valtellina's mineral water rises. Online at until 12 June, this project includes a new competition that offers prizes for lovers of mountains of photography.

The Game

La Scalata gives players the opportunity to move, step by step, through the various natural environments of the Central Alps. From the flat-bottomed valley, where the mountain stream echoes and the peak of Cima Piazzi is silhouetted on the horizon, to the steeper expanse of snow and ice that leads up to the roof of the world, the Dosdè Orientale glacier, at 3,440 metres. There are three levels to complete, with various tests of ability, such as fording a river, crossing a wobbly bridge or climbing a rock race, as well as theory tests. In the role of the climber, the player has to complete the various challenges to go on to the next level, without slipping on rocks or losing his balance. He finally reaches his goal and destination: the glacier, where he looks around in awe and amazement at the beauty of the surrounding peaks.

New features

This second edition of La Scalata introduces a useful new tool. Before registering and starting to play, players will be able to warm up and get into training on the homepage of the mini-site, tackling some of the challenges they will meet in the game. Strength lies in numbers; there is another innovation that makes La Scalata even more sociable. From 17 May, players will be able to play with other climbers, joining their forces as a veritable "roped party". Via Facebook, they will be able to invite two friends, either already registered on La Scalata or "novices", then they will be able to go off together on an even more entertaining and exhilarating expedition, working as a team and pooling their points.

To begin playing and read the competition rules, go to: