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The global community of “foodies” has huge online success

The world’s largest interactive table, with chefs and food-lovers, created by San Pellegrino

MILAN – We’d never turn down a seat at the table, especially when it comes with the possibility of “sitting down” with top international chefs and foodies from all over the world. You simply can’t resist taking a place at the infinite table of Are You a Real Foodie?, the first online community created by S. Pellegrino for foodies from all over the planet. To join the Are You a Real Foodie? community all you have to do is create your own personal profile and upload the photo of a dish you have cooked or are enjoying. The dish will then be displayed at a real table spanning the entire globe and you will enjoy a unique browsing experience.

How Real Foodie works

By signing up at www.sanpellegrino.com  you will be able to participate in this community by describing your own signature dishes, uploading photos and sharing your recipes with everyone else who is sat around the virtual table. Each new guest that takes a seat will make the table even longer, until there are tens of thousands of fellow diners at the ‘infinite table’. The most active users will have the opportunity to access special and exclusive content about chefs, for example tips on how to best enjoy food, as well as recipes, special anecdotes and much more.

Chefs’ membership

The most well-renowned chefs from across the globe are joining the community, including Sven Elverfeld (3 Michelin stars), Enrico and Roberto Cerea (3 Michelin stars), Daniel Humm (3 Michelin stars), Annie Féolde (the first female chef with 3 Michelin stars in Italy), Diego Muñoz (number 1 chef in Latin America in World’s 50 Best Restaurants) and Mauro Colagreco (2 Michelin stars). ‘Are You A Real Foodie?’ is being developed in four languages (English, French, Italian and German).

by Alessandro Michielli