Le 6 regole d’oro sull’idratazione degli sportivi

The 6 golden hydration rules for sporty people

Hydration has a key role, especially during periods of physical exercise

MILAN – As well as keeping healthy, keeping hydrated is absolutely necessary for tackling any type of exercise. Our body is 70% water, but on average we lose 2-5% of our body weight each time we work out or play sport. However, all too often we forget to drink the right amount of liquid and this can become a short and long-term problem.

Take a break and rehydrate

What we need to understand is that water is an essential nutrient for the body’s wellbeing and can maintain blood fluidity, toned muscles and fully active brain functions. Replacing the liquids you lose during physical exercise is actually a good way to maintain your training performance in all instances. The evaporation of sweat helps to cool the body down during physical exercise, but as a result hydration levels drop, which in turn can lead to a decrease in physical performance and potentially to muscle injuries.

The golden rules for exercising

Water is the best drink for replacing lost liquids and helps to regulate body temperature.

• Drink water before, during and after physical activity, in order to avoid dehydration and improve performance. The recommended amount of water is around one bottle of water per hour.

Even when it’s cold you must ensure that your body has the correct intake of water in order to enable the normal functions of the body.

• Learn to recognise the signs of dehydration: the first symptoms are muscular cramps, tiredness, a dry mouth, headaches, dizziness and difficulty speaking.

• Another way you can monitor levels of hydration is by checking your urination. Your urine should be clear or pale yellow and you should be urinating every two to four hours.

• Fruit is a good natural way to boost your intake of water and minerals.

by editorial staff