L’acqua in bottiglia è la scelta migliore per Natale e Capodanno

Bottled water is the best choice for Christmas and New Year's Eve

The "British Bottled Water Producers" advise to drink a lot of bottled water also during the Christmas and New Year holidays

MILAN - Bottled water is almost certainly the most present item in shopping lists for what will be the traditional health regime after the Christmas celebrations. News in this regard comes from Britain, where the perfect recipe was devised, to spend a happy Christmas and a start of the year with no headaches: one should drink a lot of water during the festive period. For this reason, the British Bottled Water Producers, an association that brings together the best British bottled water industries, offer some seasonal advice to ensure that one can toast in perfect happiness during the festive season.

The experts' opinion

"Even just 2% body mass reduction through dehydration can compromise physical and mental performance", states Bridget Benelam, Senior Nutrition Scientist of the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), in her study "Introduction to hydration". Benelam states that drinking each day around 8 glasses of liquid, preferably water, is a good way of keeping mentally and physically fit. But these are not the only benefits; in this period of the year, hydrating is one of the ways of maintaining a healthy skin, helping for example to face the thermal excursion between the cold outdoors and the heated indoors. Drinking beverages, better if not alcoholic, helps also give skin a more luminous quality. Furthermore, if one wants to avoid accumulating calories, bottled water is the best choice.

A bottle always within reach

Based on studies and research such as the one conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation, British water producers have compiled some guidelines for "toasting" in good health, and maybe for avoiding the typical headache of the 1st of January. First of all, one must ensure that bottled water is always within reach, especially during the holidays, during heavy meals and just before going to bed, and not as soon as one wakes up in the morning.

The importance of hydration in winter

The Christmas holidays come at one of the coldest moments of the year. For this reason, according to what stated by the British Bottled Water Producers, one must continue drinking regularly, more specifically 8 glasses of water a day. Bottled water contains useful minerals, it does not have any calories nor any harmful chemicals. Drinking it helps the heart, makes skin luminous, contributes to maintaining healthy teeth and at the same time, always according to what reported, guarantees that the waist line remains as it should.


Christmas is a celebration that makes children particularly happy, and children need even more water than adults, in proportion to their body weight. It is not only grown-ups therefore that benefit from having water supplies in the house this Christmas. According to Vanessa Shaw, Head of Dietetics at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, the risk of dehydration is highest in children. As stated in her study "Hydration in infants and children", little ones need to "learn" how to drink in order to learn the advantages of correct hydration.

by editorial staff