L’idratazione previene il mal di testa da rientro a scuola

Children should stay well hydrated to avoid headaches from returning to school

In Autumn, teens tend to suffer from severe migraine attacks caused by dehydration

MILAN - September is a month when our daily routines resume their normal course: adults return to work and kids go back to school. However, the Return Syndrome often causes imbalances, and frequently it is the children who suffer most. The results of a study by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital show that headaches in children increase during the autumn months. The symptoms can be caused by the stress from returning to school, changes in one's daily routine, and dehydration.

Hydration is an important factor for a child's health

A headache can be caused by a variety of triggers, including poor hydration which, if prolonged over time, can contribute to a feeling of discomfort in the child. "As families come to the clinic to report that their child is suffering from severe headaches, we have realized that such complaints normally increase during the school year - explains Ann Pakalnis, Lead Researcher, Neurologist, and Director of the Comprehensive Headache Clinic - So we decided to conduct a thorough investigation to see if there were more visits during autumn and to find out what variations occur throughout the year”.

Data from the visits

The research conducted by Pakalnis and her colleague Neurologist Geoffrey Heyer was based on a retrospective analysis of nearly 1,300 visits to the emergency room between 2010 and 2014. The results of the study showed that the number in headaches in children ages 5 to 18 increases in the autumn. This symptom is caused not only by a return to school, but also by dehydration. Proper hydration, on the other hand, can help young people to fight migraines. According to Dr. Howard Jacobs, a national specialist on migraine disorders in children, headaches can be prevented by eating three meals a day, getting adequate sleep at night, and by consuming the right amount of fluids.

by editorial staff