Gli alimenti più idratanti: ecco quali sono

How to drink....while eating

Hydrating the body is essential, you can also achieve this by eating. Here are the “hydrating” foods

MILAN –  Proper hydration of the body has all-round benefits, providing energy, tone, a stronger immune system, excellent circulation and a clear mind. Drinking, in fact, is not just important from a “physical” point of view, the right amount of fluid is also necessary to combat high blood pressure and low blood pressure, mental fatigue, anxiety and even depression. In addition to drinking water, we can fulfil our water needs and enrich our intake with additional nutrients through food. Here are some suggestions.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Hydrating the body must start from the moment we wake up. In fact, one of the health and  beauty secrets used by our grandmothers is the classic glass of warm water and lemon drank just after waking. This trick, although not always pleasant to the taste, guarantees you glowing skin and reduced water retention.

When you want to fill up on water starting with breakfast, an excellent solution is a fruit smoothie or, alternatively the juice extractor. Smoothies can be made either with milk (cow or plant) or without by simply adding water. The first version provides a good amount of protein and, therefore, is recommended for breakfast, while the water-only fruit smoothie is the ideal choice for snack time, aperitifs or a tea break.

The juice extractor, however, produces real juice but it doesn’t contain the fibre that remains in a fruit smoothie. This is why when making the hydrating smoothie you should leave the peel or skin on the fruit, where possible.

Lettuce and tomatoes

One of the reasons why staying hydrated is important, is that water drains excess fluids and helps to eliminate toxins. The result is smooth skin without water retention and cellulitis/ oedema. You can also add “vitamin” and detox water including through fresh vegetables. For example, a lunch consisting of a salad and fruit salad is the perfect meal to “eat” water in quantities together with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Two of the most hydrating vegetables are lettuce and tomatoes which are rich in water, vitamin C, fibre chlorophyll and lycopene.

The most hydrating fruits

We all need proper and constant hydration especially the elderly and children. Both these groups of people have the same tendency to “forget” to drink, albeit for different reasons.  Children forget because they get caught up in play or they are very little; the elderly forget because the thirst mechanism tends to decrease with age. So, in addition to the typical litre and a half per day of water, it is also recommended to supplement the daily diet with snacks based on fresh fruit.

The most water-rich fruits are summer fruits such as peaches, watermelons, and melons. Eating a slice of watermelon, in fact, is like drinking a couple of glasses of water. If these fruits are no longer in season then you can add a good amount of water through pears and apples that provide water, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants which can prevent cellular ageing and many other diseases affecting the digestion or bowels.

by Alessandro Conte

December 2, 2016

Credits: Fotolia