In quali situazioni abbiamo bisogno di bere più acqua?

In what situations do we need to drink more water?

How to recognise when we should drink to stay healthy and keep the body hydrated

MILAN – Drinking the right amount of water every day is the best solution for a heathy lifestyle and staying fit. It is the cliché we typically hear in TV commercials and is frequently headed by the fact we should drink around 1.5/2 litres of water per day – useful and practical advice that in reality, cannot always be taken on board. The daily amount of water a person should consume, as the Times of India explains, will depend on several variables.

Not only for those in sport

Participation in competitive sport always involves an intensive phase of training, which must be compensated by the intake of large quantities of fluids. However, it is not only sport which requires higher water intake. For example, if a person spends most of the day on their feet, either for work or another reason, they will need large quantities of water to keep their body hydrated. Likewise, aside from sports activities, living in warm climates, where the humidity and climate put pressure on our bodily functions, imposes the need for people to drink a lot more water than usual. The best advice for dealing with these situations is always to carry a bottle of water with you, in order to avoid becoming dehydrated during the course of the day.

A look at disease

Dehydration is an unpleasant situation that can affect a person in an instant. What is special about it is that it can happen in a variety of situations. One of these is when we have an attack of diarrhoea, an unpleasant and very annoying situation. This is one of the times when we lose most of our body fluids and dehydration occurs when the body is left with a low quantity of water, insufficient for guaranteeing 100% of its vital functions. Several of the commonest situations which provoke dehydration consist of high fever, sunstroke, vomiting, overdoing it in the gym, diabetes and diarrhoea.

The symptoms

When a person feels very weak, it could be that one of the main causes is dehydration. Some of the symptoms which are an alarm bell for dehydration are feeling weak or dizzy, a dry mouth, sudden palpitations, fainting and an inability to concentrate. Replacing the lost fluids is the first step required to restore one’s health.

by editorial staff